Sweet Lyrics Lana Del Rey

On March 24, Lana Del Rey's Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd was released, immediately following the release of her highly anticipated Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, an album that all fans were eager to dive into. 

Before the album's release, a couple of tracks were already known to us the title track, A&W, and The Grants had been released weeks before the release of the album. Even so, there were a lot of fascinating meanings contained in the other songs that were included in the album. 

Among Lana's many hits, Sweet is perhaps the most compelling song for those who are fans of the singer: it is a melancholic ballad in which she delivers her most genuine expression. 

As Lana Del Rey describes herself in Sweet, talking to the man who loves her, she describes her identity, her peculiarities, and her philosophy about life, talking about herself and what she believes in. 

The singer is known for his introspective songs that reflect a broad range of emotions, including life, love, human needs, and mortality. The chorus of the song captures the essence of the whole song, as she sings "I'm a different kind of woman, I'm a different kind of woman.". 

She doesn't just let her eyes shine all night; she uses them as a way to express herself throughout her poetry; she uses them as a tool for self-expression in her songs. 

At the end of the day, she always loves to contemplate life, whether it be the meaning of life or the meaning of happiness.

Sweet Lyrics Lana Del Rey

Sweet Lyrics Lana Del Rey

Stars in my eyes, hiking up Griffith

Thinking about who was sad and what didn’t

Get sad in the Midwest, wish I could tell you now

I wrote you a note, but I didn’t send it

‘Cause that’s the best method 

the women here taught me about

What you don’t really understand

I’ve got magic in my 

hand, stars in my eyes

I’m a different kind of woman

If you want some basic b* *h, 

go to the Beverly Center and find her

I’m sweet, bare feet

If you wanna go where nobody goes

That’s where you’ll find me

In the sweet north country

If I’m not there, come to 

my house on Genesee

What you doin’ with your life? 

Do you think about it?

Do you contemplate where we came from?

Lately, we’ve been makin’ out a lot

Not talkin’ ’bout the stuff that’s 

at the very heart of things

Do you want children? 

Do you wanna marry me?

Do you wanna run marathons 

in Long Beach by the sea?

I’ve got things to do, like nothing at all

I wanna do them with you

Do you wanna do them with me?

If you want someone, 

then just call me up

And remember where I’ll be

Sweet in bare feet

You can find me where no one will be

In the woods somewhere, in the night

In the heart of a valley

In the sweet north country

If I’m not there, come to 

my house on Genesee

Sweet Video Lana Del Rey

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